Mission & History


"Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment.”
~Dr. Maria Montessori

The purpose of Campbell Montessori School is to provide excellence in education. It is the aim of Campbell Montessori School to provide and maintain an environment that will promote not only excellence in academic learning, but also the acquisition of skills that will enable each student to lead a satisfying, fulfilling, and happy life.

This environment encourages and challenges the child to develop:

  • Independence of deed and thought through the use of guided freedom
  • Self esteem through the success of purposeful work
  • Social skills within a framework of self respect and respect for others
  • Knowledge and a love of learning through age-appropriate practical and intellectual activities
  • A love of work and a respect for its dignity through repeated opportunities to experience the joy of successful work
  • The ability to take initiative and to find a path of resolution to one's problems through the awareness of freedom and its inherent responsibilities
  • A pride in and a love of one's country
  • An appreciation of and a responsibility to the global environment

Our School History

Campbell Montessori School was founded for the purpose of bringing Montessori education to the St. Charles area. Mrs. Miriam Gutting was the classroom teacher and soon became school director. The school opened in June 1989 as St. Charles Montessori Academy, under the sponsorship of Greater Missouri Builders, Inc. Classes were held in a new school building at 1250 Hawks Nest Drive in St. Charles. The building of 2500 square feet had two classrooms, on an upper and lower level with a small playground at the back.

The second building on Campbell's campus was built especially for elementary students.In the fall of 1992, St. Charles Montessori Academy had a full complement of children. During that school year, the parents asked about the possibility of having an elementary school. The following year, the school began the process of obtaining accreditation from Association Montessori Internationale.

1995 brought many changes. The school board applied for and was granted not-for profit status. In September, the school enrolled five children in its first elementary class, with a fully qualified elementary teacher. By this time, it had become apparent the school could no longer function on its current premises. The administration and interested parents approached Scott Campbell, president of Greater Missouri Builders to research possibilities for a new site and building.

In the spring of 1996, Mr. Campbell returned to the administration and board with an offer to donate 6 1/2 acres of property at the dead end of Shady Springs Lane on the border of St. Charles and St. Peters. Construction on the new building began in November of 1996.


In July 1997, the school, now renamed Campbell Montessori School, moved into the beautiful new 10,000 square foot building. This building has three classrooms upstairs, one downstairs classroom, a large multipurpose room with a stage, and a kitchen. Between 1997 and the present time, the school developed a natural playground on the property behind the main building as well as wooded areas and nature trails.


Campbell's main building.By 2008, it was clear that the elementary students needed more space. To address this need, Campbell constructed a second building with four classrooms, a conference area and a library. The building was completed in 2009, and opened that fall with two lower elementary and one upper elementary classroom already in operation. In 2010, a small Middle School program began.

Artist's conception of Miriam's MeadowIn the spring and summer of 2010, construction began on Miriam's Meadow, a plan for a greenhouse, a Greek theater and an amphitheater. The project was envisioned in order to give the students the opportunity to pursue botanical studies, even throughout the winter months, and to have a place to gather the Campbell community for outdoor performances.

Beginning in 2012, Campbell's school population began to decrease. By 2015, AMI, the group with which we are affiliated, encouraged us to combine our elementary students into one class. Since we no longer needed the second building for our Montessori school for children, we decided to open a new program for our community: Campbell Montessori School Adult Community, an Adult Day Care for older adults who may be in the early stages of dementia. For more information, visit Campbell Montessori Adult Community.