Toddler (15 mos-2 1/2 years)

Toddler Program

When you are looking for a day care or preschool, what do you look for?

If you are looking for a safe, peaceful, loving environment, a place designed with the child in mind, a place where children discover through exploration, learn through experience, and mature through independence, then take a look at Campbell Montessori School.

Your children will love our engaging materials and be loved by our trained and compassionate teachers.  You will love the safety and developmental support of our school.  With a vibrant family community and flex-care hours to aid our working parents, you are sure to find a home at Campbell Montessori School.  

For children ages 15–30 months

THE TODDLER ENVIRONMENT - An Alternative to Traditional Daycare

Your child is an acute observer, eager to learn, to explore, to try new skills and to master them through practice. At a very young age, the child is able to concentrate on a task, absorb sequences and procedures, and master new language and physical skills if they are introduced in a way appropriate to the child's age, size and “needs.” In our Toddler Room, active toddlers thrive in an environment where the various aspects of the physical world are introduced in a systematic way by specially trained people.

The Program - An Alternative to Daycare


8:30 AM–10:00 AM: Class Inside
10:00 AM–10:30 AM: Outside Play
11:30 AM–12:00 PM: Lunch (Children bring their own lunch)

12:00 PM–12:30 PM: Clean-up and Dismissal of Half-Day Students
Children who require full day care may enroll in the Toddler 2 class, which includes nap.

12:30 PM–3:00 PM: Nap Time and/or Quiet Play
3:00 PM–3:30 PM: Wake up and prepare to leave for the day
Flex Care is available for toddlers.


After toddlers begin walking, usually around 12 months, their hands are free to work. Imitation of adult tasks is the favorite activity at this age. A child between 18 and 30 months is becoming aware of himself / herself as a separate person and shows a need for independence. They are interested in:

  • Dressing and undressing independently
  • Brushing his own hair and teeth
  • Putting things away around the house
  • Feeding himself and cooking
  • Setting the table and washing dishes
  • Using the toilet 
  • Learning to fold, pour, sweep and mop

These activities comprise the “practical life” area of the Toddler Program. Grace and courtesy lessons are also introduced to the child at this age. Lessons include waiting until everyone is served before beginning to eat, use of cutlery at the table, greeting others politely, waiting until a person has finished a conversation before approaching them, and respecting one another’s work space.


The toddler’s senses are challenged to match objects by size, shape, color, smell, or texture in the environment. Sorting is used to assist the child in creating mental categories, which will soon be named with developing language skills. Exploring how water, sand, clay, and other materials behave when manipulated is fascinating to the child of this age. Simple puzzles assist the development of spatial relationships.

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After 27 years of providing a high quality Montessori education, Campbell Montessori School will close its doors on May 26, 2017. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of these happy years. You are all invited to our last graduation and picnic on May 26, 2017. We hope to see many alumni at this great event!

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Learning to discriminate between the three primary colors - red, yellow and blue - lays the foundation for further work in the primary class.