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Kind comments from our parents:

Campbell House

As we approach Campbell Montessori School each morning to drop off our two year old daughter she often exclaims with joy, “Campbell house”! Perhaps that is because our daughter sees similarities between Campbell Montessori School and a welcoming home. 

We chose Campbell because it is a place she is safe, loved, and happy.  By saying she is loved here, we mean that we feel she is cherished for who is she is and what she is most interested in. Our daughter is truly happy and full of joy. The environment is prepared with attention to detail and much expertise regarding what children her age are drawn to. This carefully prepared environment allows her to do as many things for herself as possible, which brings her great joy. The routine is valued yet flexible in order to cater to the needs of the young child. 

The children in the toddler room work at their own pace and are free to become fully absorbed in the material they are working with. The materials allow for hands on exploration, learning, and lay the foundation for an excellent academic education ahead. Observing the children in the toddler room is truly an amazing experience. What we see when we observe is children who love to learn.  

Campbell’s campus is peaceful, respectful of the child, and full of beauty, including an amazing playground that allows our daughter to be in nature every day and enjoy the magic of the big beautiful trees surrounding Campbell. The community and staff at Campbell are very kind, delight in the many gifts children have to offer our world and dedicated to creating a school where children really enjoy learning. 

We are blessed to be a part of the diverse cultures and big hearted community at Campbell Montessori.
Paul and Katie S.

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After 27 years of providing a high quality Montessori education, Campbell Montessori School will close its doors on May 26, 2017. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of these happy years. You are all invited to our last graduation and picnic on May 26, 2017. We hope to see many alumni at this great event!

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